Yes, friend! So good. Thank you for sharing the hard parts and loving well by speaking truth. I used to be so scared for "the end" but I can testify that the closer I've gotten to our Father's heart, the more that fear has been cast out by His incredible love for us. Man! He has such a good plan in store.

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Great blog! I’m right there with you honey! God is asking all His children to be more bold in speaking His Truth no matter what! The signs of the times are getting stronger and stronger as we approach the glorious Day of the Lord! Jesus is the Only Way, Truth and the Life. He is our only Hope and the Light of the world! Like you said it is unloving to not tell the truth in fear of offending someone! Jesus was persecuted and hated and we need to be prepared for that too!

Lord help us to be humble and allow You to use us however You desire in these last days…no matter how long and whether we pass from this earth to heaven in natural death or are a part of the rapture! We are in Your all-sufficient hands! May we speak and live Your truth in love!

I’m so grateful for your strong faith Alyssa Rose…and how the Lord uses you to speak into others lives! Praying He will continue to use you as you seek to follow and obey Him!

Love you so much and can’t wait to see you guys in less than a month now! 💕 Mom

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